Terms of Use

In order to maintain the public nature and safety of the facilities at TANIYA, guests using the Hotel are required to abide by the following rules under Article 10 of the Terms and Conditions of Accommodation. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the refusal of continued stay under Articles 5 and 7 of the aforementioned terms.

  1. The use of fire in the facilities (including the Kusakabe Folk Crafts Museum) and the following acts are strictly prohibited. (If the use of fire is discovered, you may be fined up to 50,000 JPY.)
    1. Smoking in our facilities, including the Kusakabe Folk Crafts Museum and TANIYA
    2. Bringing in portable gas stoves
    3. Barbequing
    4. The use of fireworks
  2. The Kusakabe Folk Crafts Museum is an Important Cultural Property of Japan, and our facilities, including TANIYA, are located in the old town of Takayama, a cultural heritage site. For the safety of our guests and to protect the valuable cultural assets that symbolize the town, we humbly ask for your understanding.
  3. As our facilities are wooden structures located in a residential area, please do not engage in loud singing, shouting, or any other behavior that may cause a disturbance to the residents in the neighborhood.
  4. Do not bring the following items into the facilities:
    1. Animals and birds
    2. Items that emit a strong or foul odor
    3. Baggage and other items in extremely large quantities
    4. Fire hazards that are likely to ignite or catch fire, such as gunpowder or volatile oil
    5. Firearms and swords that are not lawfully permitted to be possessed
    6. Marijuana, narcotics, stimulants, etc.
  5. Do not engage in gambling or other activities that disturb public morals in the facilities.
  6. Do not allow visitors to enter the facilities without permission, or allow them to move, process, or remove equipment or goods from the facilities to other locations, or use the facilities for purposes other than those for which they were originally intended.
  7. Do not attach foreign objects to the building or equipment of the facilities or move them to other places.
  8. Intoxicated guests are not allowed to use the baths.
  9. In the event of damage or loss of buildings, furniture, fixtures, or other items for reasons other than force majeure, you may be responsible for compensating the amount of such damage or loss.
  10. Although there is an in-room safe at TANIYA, please secure your valuables and lock the facility before leaving. We will not be responsible for any theft of valuables or items.
  11. Pets
    Please do not allow pets to enter our facilities. If any feces or urine from a pet is found in the building, the Hotel may charge fees for cleaning or replacing bedding, fixtures, etc.
  12. Accommodation of minors
    Minors aged 17 or younger must submit a parent or guardian's written consent and driver's license or passport by e-mail or mail before check-in.