Our Story

Our Story

Experience Hida Takayama with all your senses

The Kusakabe Family Residence is a nationally designated Important Cultural Property located in the old town of Takayama City. The magnificent building, protected to this day, was built in 1879. The Kusakabe family prospered as wealthy merchants in this area since the end of the 17th century and played an essential role in the town’s development.

Together with the adjacent Yoshijima Family Residence (also designated as an Important Cultural Property), the Kusakabe Family Residence has been highly regarded as a building showcasing the best local carpentry techniques passed down since the Asuka period (538-710). Today, the residence is open to the public and known to many as the Kusakabe Folk Crafts Museum, which exhibits valuable folk art from the Hida Takayama area and other regions.

TANIYA is a renovated 100-year-old annex adjacent to the Kusakabe Family Residence, available to one exclusive party per night. Through your stay at this architectural work of art, you can enjoy the charm of the Kusakabe Family Residence, carefully protected by each generation to this day. Experience the rich history and authentic culture of Hida Takayama, and be inspired by the lives of the people nurtured in this region with all of your senses.

Our Story

Our Story

The pride of the locals living in harmony with nature

TANIYA is a treasure trove of masterpieces by the local craftsmen who take pride in their work, including the rough walls from the time the house was built in the Meiji period (1868-1912), a Shinto altar that has protected the structure for over 100 years, nail covers decorated with auspicious designs, Japanese cypress wood from the local mountains, beautiful reddish clay walls, shoji screens with pure white paper stretched taut, unique wooden furniture, and a full hinoki cypress bath overlooking the courtyard. Old and new designs are blended to perfection. Just as the Kusakabe Family Residence is the epitome of the ancient master carpenters’ skills, TANIYA is a nostalgic yet new and inventive space created by the fine work of modern craftsmen.

We offer unparalleled programs to our guests. For a fascinating experience in Hida Takayama’s profound nature, visit the 2,000-year-old ancient yew forest, where you can feel the eternity of time. For creative inspiration, discover the traditional work of local artisans who have supported life in this region. Guests of TANIYA can also take advantage of the Kusakabe Family Residence as a private lounge. As you unwind at the Important Cultural Property, encounter the wisdom of the locals, who have lived in harmony with the abundant forests of the Hida region for centuries.

Greetings from TANIYA

Greetings from TANIYA

Recreating the history of Hida Takayama at TANIYA

One day in 1963, after half a day’s train ride from Tokyo, a man with bobbed hair and a tartan-check skirt emerged from the station building of a mountain town. What he saw before him was not a provincial town left behind during the period of rapid economic growth. He visited this town to meet a stern-looking, powerful man known as one of the town’s influential danna-shu, a local citizens’ group made up of wealthy, upper-class business people. As soon as they met, the visitor spoke his wishes to the respected man: “We must not secularize this town, which is like a cute little castle deep in the woods appearing in a fairytale.” He was Yasuji Hanamori*, a leading postwar journalist in Japan and the founder of Kurashi-no-Techo magazine. The man who nodded in silence was Reiichi Kusakabe, the 11th head of the Kusakabe family.

Now, many years after the encounter, we have established TANIYA to carry on their wishes. We look forward to starting a new chapter in the history of Hida Takayama and inspiring our guests with the profound culture that can be found here.

Masaru Kusakabe, 13th head of the Kusakabe family

*Yasuji Hanamori: an individual who rediscovered the charm of Hida Takayama and spread it to the world. Through his magazine, Kurashi-no-Techo, he contributed to Hida Takayama becoming an acclaimed travel destination in the 1960s. While deepening his friendship with Reiichi, the 11th head of the Kusakabe family, he wrote, “In the midst of ever-changing modernization, I hope that new splendid fairy tales of the future will be established in this beautiful historical town.” As mentioned in his article, the current generation of the Kusakabe family also hopes to “create a new story and culture” in Hida Takayama.



A floor plan that makes the most of the machiya architecture

Machiya are traditional wooden townhouses that define one of the original landscapes of Japan. They are characterized by a long, narrow build and the heavy use of wood and other natural materials. The machiya architecture has been preserved in modern Hida craftsmanship, which can be seen throughout the building of TANIYA. Hida wood, acclaimed for its quality since ancient times, is used lavishly for decoration. The bath is made of hinoki cypress and faces a courtyard filled with natural light, and every corner of TANIYA is filled with the calming scent of wood.

  • The guests of TANIYA are welcome to use the Kusakabe Folk Crafts Museum, an Important Cultural Property, as a private lounge during their stay.


On-site parking
Private lounge (Kusakabe Folk Crafts Museum)
All rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi

Room facilities and amenities

・Bedclothes ・Towels ・Toothbrushes ・Hair dryer ・Shampoo and conditioner ・Humidifier ・Air purifier ・Minibar ・Cooking utensils and tableware ・In-room safe

1st Floor
・3 Japanese-style rooms (including 1 tea-ceremony room)
・Earthen-floor area
・Bathroom (equipped with shower/hinoki bathtub)

2st Floor
・2 Western-style rooms (2 beds)

Total floor area: 129 m2 / 1,388 ft2

Floor Plan


Materials with history


    The earthen walls inside the rooms are the work of Syuhei-gumi Company, a plasterer company based in Hida Takayama, led by Syuhei Hasado, a world-famous plasterer. The local soil harmonizes with the four distinct seasons of this region, and the natural colors and textures of the materials create superior rooms like no other.


    As it is located in the Traditional Building Preservation District, TANIYA was made by conserving much of the original wood from when it was built in 1879 and blending it with modern materials. The remodeled parts of the structure were made using genuine Hida wood. The various impressions of wood due to the age differences accentuate the space.


    The sliding doors and mud walls use Sanchu washi (traditional Japanese paper) produced in Kawai Village nearby Hida Takayama. With a history of 800 years, the most distinctive feature of this handmade paper is the “yukisarashi” (snow exposure) process, in which the bark of paper mulberry is bleached for one week or so on snow. This process produces beautiful, pure white washi paper. It is a rare traditional craft made by only a few artisans today.


    The tatami mats laid inside the rooms are the work of a craftsman from Michiue Tatami Mat Shop in Oshin-machi, where TANIYA is located. The rush grass is produced in Kumamoto Prefecture, the largest production area in Japan. The luster and smooth texture of the tatami mats are distinctive, and you can clearly feel the difference when you lie down on them.


Elegance and sophistication in every corner

Tea Room

On the first floor by the entrance is a traditional Japanese tea room. When you arrive, a fresh cup of matcha tea is served here to welcome you. The tea room is also used as a rest spot for the local guardian deity during the Takayama Festival in autumn (October 9-10). Sake and other offerings are placed here where the deity is said to sleep. Indulge in the joyous atmosphere of the festival in this special tea room.


The doma (earthen floor) space is characteristic of the machiya houses. At TANIYA, it is a spacious area with a vaulted ceiling. The beams are arranged vertically and horizontally and represent the pride of the master carpenters. Relax and savor a memorable meal in this one-of-a-kind space or chat while appreciating the delicate lighting that changes with time.


The courtyard has the remains of a traditional Japanese well. It is decorated with maple trees, which are said to have been planted when the building was first constructed, and other species of trees suited to the local climate. Revel in the peace and quiet of the beautiful garden and its appeal that changes with the seasons.

Japanese-style room

The Japanese-style rooms facing the earthen floor are arranged in a traditional Hida Takayama machiya layout. The low ceiling in the room with tatami mats has been kept in the same scale and style as when it was built in the Meiji period (1868-1912). Immerse yourself in a classic Japanese space with distinctive designs, including carefully painted clay walls, delicate karakami paper, and beautifully crafted wooden furniture.


TANIYA is equipped with a kitchen and beautiful utensils for daily use. Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed, locally roasted coffee, prepare breakfast with freshly picked vegetables from the nearby Miyagawa Morning Market, or invite a personal chef and treat yourself to a delectable private meal. Our experienced concierge is available to assist with your dining arrangements.


The all-hinoki bathtub is one of the most popular features during your stay at TANIYA. The bathtub, washbasin, and adjoining restrooms are all made of luxurious hinoki cypress produced in Hida Takayama. The refreshing scent of hinoki cypress envelops you as you unwind and take in the stunning view of seasonal flowers and plants.


We have carefully selected the bedding to soothe the fatigue of our traveling guests. A semi-double bed made by Kitani, a furniture maker in Hida Takayama is available. The furnishings decorating the space include a chair by local furniture artist Hirokazu Kawakami, a side table by Nobu Misu, and a dresser by Shinjiro Ito. We promise a relaxing and comfortable awakening.

Reading Room

The room facing the street offers a view of the elegant Hida Takayama townscape. With inspiring details, it’s the ideal room for working or reading during your stay. The original furniture by local artist SUNGTAE, inspired by the image of lotus ponds, is a stunning work of art, and the interior design using Sanchu washi paper is in harmony with the serene atmosphere. It is the perfect location to view the gorgeously decorated yatai floats parade during the autumn Takayama Festival (October 9-10).

*Bedding will be provided in this room or the Japanese-style room on the first floor for three or more guests.


Private Lounge

Have the space of an Important Cultural Property all to yourself

The Kusakabe Family Residence is designated as an Important Cultural Property. It is a true masterpiece that successive generations of the family have preserved. Its dynamic beam arrangement and main tatami room have earned it the reputation as the pinnacle of traditional Japanese architecture. Only the guests of TANIYA are privileged to have this space to themselves as a private lounge during their stay. Relax to your heart’s content, surrendering yourself to the sophisticated ambiance created by natural light.


Exclusive Guided Tours

Discover the profound culture of Hida Takayama in the great outdoors

Blessed with abundant forest resources, the people of the Hida region have lived in harmony with mountains and trees. To get the best of the natural landscape, witness the oldest yew tree in Japan and breathe in the fresh mountain air as you stroll through the ancient forest of Hida. For an authentic local excursion exploring the outdoors, meet the loggers of Hida Takayama and savor the bounty from the mountains. To experience the world of wood crafts first hand, meet Hida Takayama’s carpenters, who create the magnificent scepter of the emperor. We invite you to experience the unique culture preserved here through the exclusive activities available only to TANIYA guests.


  • The untouched forest and oldest yew tree in Japan
  • The loggers and bounty of the mountain
  • The carpenters and the emperor’s scepter

*Reservations are required. The tour content may be subject to change according to the time of the year. Details will be provided at the time of reservation.

Offers & Packages

TANIYA Premium Package

Minimum: 2 nights
Includes: access to the private lounge, exclusive guided tour, concierge service

Enjoy TANIYA to your heart’s content with this inclusive package. Choose one of our exclusive guided tours and discover the best of Hida Takayama with a local and professional guide. The Kusakabe Folk Crafts Museum is available for private lounge use in the evening. The concierge will assist in making a plan that caters to your needs and additional requests beyond the provided tours.

  • Maximum of 4 people (up to 2 accompanying children 6 and under may stay free of charge)
  • CHECK-IN 3:00 p.m.CHECK-OUT 12:00 p.m.

TANIYA Standard Package

1-night stay
Includes: access to the private lounge, concierge service

The ideal package for a short but sweet time in Hida Takayama. The Kusakabe Folk Crafts Museum is available for private lounge use in the evening. Our experienced concierge will be available to assist with dining arrangements and additional requests to elevate your experience.

  • Maximum of 4 people (up to 2 accompanying children 6 and under may stay free of charge)
  • CHECK-IN 3:00 p.m.CHECK-OUT 12:00 p.m.

Private Venue

Book our exceptional facilities at TANIYA and the Kusakabe Folk Crafts Museum for an unforgettable experience in Japan. Whether you are planning an intimate gathering or an extravagant celebration, our team will propose the perfect plan according to your needs. Please contact us for details.

Suggested use:
Banquets & Events / Celebrations / Tea ceremonies / Meetings / Photoshoots



1-55 Oshin-machi, Takayama, Gifu 506-0851 Japan 15 minutes on foot or 5 minutes by car from JR Takayama Station
Free on-site parking is available

Hida Takayama was once the center of a castle town that later thrived as a merchant town. The area familiar to the locals as “Old Town” is now a nationally designated Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings. The tranquil scenery of the Miya River, which runs through the center of the town, and the historical morning market retaining the bustle of its merchant-town days are just around the corner.

Pick-up service

Contact us for pick-up service to/from JR Takayama Station.